Contract Leather

Contract leather

Maintenance of contract leather furniture is a must.

Contract leather furniture in most setting will require a basic maintenance ever 1-2 years. Furniture in a commercial setting needs far more attention that furniture in a residential setting. The darker colors don’t show the soiling but should be cleaned just the same. The cleaner you keep you leather the better it will wear and the brighter the color will stay. Once leather gets overly soiled it will not clean up as well. You will need to a color restoration. We have been helping many Chicago area corporations and firms keep their leather looking great for many years.

A tip on buying commercial leather

Lower grade leathers wear far and away better than the high end aniline leathers. If you can mark it with your fingernail it is too delicate for a commercial setting.

Technique Leather repair in Chicago

Steve Honan

Technique Leather Care. Furniture repair and restoration serving the community for over 20 years and has helped thousands of customers renew and restore their leather furnishings.

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