Do it yourself

Do it yourself leather repair

That looks soooo easy, you can — do it yourself –yea right!!

Ok, I’ll let you in on a little do it yourself secret, leather repair is not that hard. The caveat is “if you know what you are doing”. I have run into 1, maybe 2 people in the last 20 something years that bought the kit off of the TV commercial and actually got it to look halfway decent. So you can spent the $20 – $40 and see what happens. But honestly, get it done right the first time. Your furniture or whatever leather item you have will look better in the long run. When people ask me how hard can it be I often tell them “It is about the same as giving someone some sandpaper and a can of bondo and say you can repair you car easily.”

The repair itself is not too difficult but getting the color to look right takes a lot of practice and a good eye. There is usually not enough product in a repair kit to practice that much to get really good.

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