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The “how-to” of leather care

The are many different ideas floating around about leather care and leather cleaning. The first thing to do is to determine what kind of leather you have. Different leathers require different care. Mostly what you will be doing is cleaning the surface of the leather(not as easy as it sounds). There is no extraction process for leather so surface cleaning is as good as it gets.

Finished leather

For finished leathers the cleaning process can be a little more aggressive than other types. Using a cleaner made for leather only (don’t use any multi-purpose cleaners) follow the manufacturer direction. Sometimes using a very soft bristled brush can speed things along nicely for the heavy grained leather. Go slowly and carefully paying close attention to anything that looks like it may be changing the finish or color of the leather. If it looks like the leather did not get fully clean, wait until it dries and then try another application of the cleaner.

Aniline leather

Aniline leather is extremely delicate and for the most part cannot be cleaned. If you have stains in your leather it is most likely aniline and the stains are most likely permanent. The best approach for aniline is to get it stain guarded before use and then have it done on a regular basis to prevent staining. We offer a remedy for staining but you will have to call us and arrange a service. One other point with aniline is, if it is faded, conditioning it will not restore the original color and neither will cleaning.


Nubuck is a top grain leather that has a brushed finish that has a velvety look and feel. This type of leather again is extremely luxurious but extremely delicate. Most cleaning is done by brushing out the dirt which is on the surface. Stains, ink, and discolorations are permanent and will not clean out.

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