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Automotive leather -what’s best, what’s not

Automotive leather is a world unto itself. Most auto leather is by far the most durable of leathers. It gets an amazing amount of use and abuse. Much more use than the furniture in you family room. Auto leather can get far more soiled than your furniture. Keeping it clean can be a challenge, especially the lighter colors.

Cleaning and cleaners for leather

One thing we have found that works great on car leather is Simple Green cleaner diluted down to 1oz per quart of water.



They can alter the color and change the ph of the leather.

You can certainly use automotive leather cleaner but I have found results to be moderate at best. Apply the diluted simple green solution with a sprayer and rub with a very soft scrub brush. Work in, wait for the bubbles to disappear(they may not appear if the seat is very soiled) and wipe dry. Apply again, scrub and wipe dry. Repeat until cloth comes up clean.

Most leather auto interiors contain a fair amount of vinyl. Generally the dash boards and the door panels are vinyl as are most of the vertical seat panels and door panels. The simple green works great on them as well.

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To condition or not to condition?

With automotive leather, conditioning is important because of the temperature extremes. This temperature fluctuation is very hard on the leather and tends to cause it to lose its softness. If your car sits outside often and is exposed to high heat condition often use conditioner often.

If you have light colored leather, conditioners with bees wax will attract the dirt making the leather dirtier more quickly.

NOTE: Use conditioners for leather only- no multi-purpose stuff. Neats foot oil tend to leave a sticky residue which attracts dust.

Interior leather restoration

If your car leather is faded, discolored, or worn looking, it can be a great candidate for a restoration. We have a lot of car enthusiasts that use our services to bring back the life of their auto interiors. Ferrari owners just love us when we make their old interiors look like new without expensive replacement. Whether it is a whole interior or just a seat bolster almost any leather part can be made to look like new.


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