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Do you need reliable leather repair in Naperville? Whatever the damage, split seams, pet scratches or tears or even, faded color, Technique Leather can help! We’ve been proudly serving the Chicago suburbs for over 30 years! Our services include: 

  • Automotive leather
  • Aviation leather
  • Bi-cast leather
  • Contract leather
  • Finished leather
  • Italian leather
  • Split leather
  • Commercial leather care
  • Buying leather
  • Leather care

No matter the damage, Technique Leather has the skill and tools to get your leather looking great again.. We can repair cuts and tears, ink marks, fading or staining, damage, scratches, or split seams. We have the expertise necessary to restore many of your leather items, from chairs to stools to sofas, even car seats!  Technique Leather takes pride in a job well done.  We’re sure you’ll be impressed with your renewed item.  And that satisfaction will cost only a fraction of the price to replace it.

Home accidents

Accidents happen, especially in a house with kids and/or pets.  Fido scratch up your favorite chair?  Your little princess getting a little too creative with scissors?  Maybe your son stained your leather jacket when he “borrowed” it for his date last week.  Technique Leather has seen it all and has fixed many of these mishaps.  Before you give up on your leather item, bring it to us first.  We might just be able to breathe new life into it at an affordable cost, no less.

Leather Products

Leather has been fashionable for decades.  It can represent looks from vintage to modern.  Used for all kinds of items, people tend to think first of cars and furniture.  It’s desirable as a fabric due to its long-lasting, durable and easy to care for qualities.  That doesn’t mean that it’s entirely damage resistant though.  Leather still requires some general maintenance and protection, or it can degrade over time.  Certain things contribute to the deterioration of leather.  Let’s explore a few of them.  

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Leather Damage Causes

Take care of your leather and it can continue looking wonderful for years to come.  Appreciating and avoiding causes of leather damage and prolong the life of your products and limit the cost of their upkeep.

  • Sunlight

Sunshine is not a friend to leather.  It can affect the color and make it look older and more worn out than it actually is.  If you have leather that is often in the direct path of the sun, consider measures like sun shades or garage parking for your car or moving furniture from directly in front of windows.

  • Temperature changes 

Drastic temperature changes can have a similar effect on leather. The material can dry out in higher temperatures and crack or split when it gets too cold.  The more stable the environment in terms of temperature and humidity, the better.  Avoiding or preventing these large variances can keep your leather looking newer longer.  

  • Stains 

You can be vigilant about avoiding staining your leather products, but you can’t always control the actions and ensuing accidents when others are more careless.  Should you or someone spill something on our leather, the key is to act quickly before the stain sets, otherwise it may become permanent.  Keeping a restoration kit handy is a good proactive step to take, and if it’s specially designed for leather, you can avoid using other chemicals which may only further damage your leather.

  • Using harsh chemicals 

As we just alluded to, cleaning leather requires special materials.  Many detergents, soaps, and household cleaners have chemicals which are terrible for the well-being of your leather.  You’ll end up with further stains or a jacket that’s cracked or dull-looking.  Read the label carefully to see that it’s designed to treat leather.

  • Heat

Heat especially is bad for leather, and not just sunlight.  Avoid having items next to fireplaces, heating vents, or anything else that puts off a lot of heat.  Try to relocate your items away from these fixtures and into a more temperate part of your home.

Fixing leather

Before bringing it to the pros, there are some steps you can take to properly clean your leather products.  Be mindful of these tips or you may find yourself with mixed results.  A few items you can use to treat stains include:

  • Leather Cleaners 

We can’t stress enough, if you buy a fabric cleaner, make sure it is either specific for leather, or at least says on the label it and treat it.  It’s the only way to safely remove oil, dirt, grime, or other stains.  Still you may want to test it on an inconspicuous area of the item first.  

  • Leather Restoration Kit

As your product ages, some restoration is in order to bring back its original shine.  This kind of job calls for a good quality leather restoration kit. It’ll moisturize the leather, restore its look and keep it protected from more damage. 

  • Olive or Baby Oil

This is actually one of our favorite hacks.  If you have a scratch or a small tear, try a dab of olive oil or baby oil. Apply it with a cotton ball and check it an hour after drying to see how the tear or scratch looks.  Repeat a couple times if necessary, but this actually works a lot of the time.. 

Sometimes the damage is just too much or the product too valuable to trust it to anyone but the pros, we get it.  That’s why we’re here!  If anyone can save your leather item, it’s Technique Leather.  We have the skill and tools to do the job right.

Advantages of professional leather help 

Unsure of whether this is a do it yourself type of project or if you need some professional help? Here’s a few things to consider: 

  1. Cost – Every DIY project has a cost factor.  Within that consideration in the back of mose people’s mind is the thought, “What if I screw this up?” Needless to say, if you accidentally make things worse trying to fix any damage yourself, your costs are going to go up significantly. Sometimes a quick self-evaluation is all that’s needed to determine starting with the pros is the best course of action.
  2. Time – Do you really have the time to do the job right? We’re all busy.  Restoring leather and doing it well, is not like sewing a button on a shirt.  There’s some effort and nuance involved.  Professionals from Technique Leather are very skilled with specialized tools at their disposal and therefore would perform any repairs faster. 
  3. Results – There’s a lot of satisfaction in doing a job yourself or learning a new skill.  Leather restoration is a skill.  We’re going to assume that the item you’re looking to repair is of some value to you. Would you prefer it to look kinda good on your first or second try at this skill or to look amazing with the work of an expert? We  think that question answers itself.

Leather Repair and Care

Most  leather products are an investment.  You want your vehicle, your furniture, your clothing to be in the best possible condition, and something you can be proud of.  Accidents happen, wear and tear happens.  That’s why we’re here. When it’s time to  repair your leather product, replace it or recolor, contact Technique Leather. For years, we’ve been restoring the beauty of people’s leather items, while keeping their budget in mind. Contact us today to see if you can be our next satisfied customer.  We’re just an email or phone call away!

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