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Leather furniture restoration

The leather furniture restoration process varies from project to project. Damage and wear vary according to use the piece has received. But using restoration over replacement is very reasonable and economical. We had one client that had been given a sofa by his parents. After the restoration the parents saw the sofa and wanted it back.

My first recomendation is…

usually to make sure that the pillow and cushion stuffing is in good condition. New stuffing will bring a crisp fresh shape to the piece and relieve some of the tiredness that accompanies a well used piece. Loose back cushions tend to lose their shape after only a few years. Upholstery shops tend to use better quality stuffing when re stuffing pillows and cushions. They will look better and last longer than the original.

The next step is thorough cleaning

This step will usually create dramatic results. Wiping down leather occasionally is great and necessary but, getting a professional cleaning done every few years will keep your leather looking its best. Soil and oils get embedded in the pores and the grain of the leather and cannot be removed with a wipe down. Removing them will take and lot of work and patience but, the results are rewarding

Now for the repair and restoration of the finish

Repairing all the little blemishes, spots, scratches, wear marks, fading, etc will complete the restoration. The end results will be a piece that looks almost new! A very satisfying process for everyone involved. 

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