Pet Damage

repair pet damage to leather

Pet damage to your leather furniture

Pet damage is a huge issue when it comes to furniture, especially leather furniture.

Great news

Most pet damage to leather is restorable. We’ll go through a few different categories to give you an idea of what is and isn’t possible. If you are computer savvy and have a digital camera, email us pictures to get the best guess on repairs.

Let’s start with dogs.

They tend to be more active than most other pets. One of the things they do often is burrow into the cushions which can leave large scratched or worn looking areas. Depending on the strength and the sharpness of the nails most often this is easily repairable. When they try and eat the furniture, repairs can be more challenging. If they just chew and leave the leather torn and punctured this is the best case scenario. When the leather is devoured repairs become more of a challenge and sometimes impossible. At this point replacing damaged panels is the best option.

Now it’s kitty’s turn

Leather and cats don’t mix too well. Cat claws can do an immense amount of damage to leather furniture. Every time the little dear jumps off the back or arm of the furniture it can leave behind scratch marks from it’s claws. The severity of the scratch depends on the size and weight of the animal. There can be large cuts all the way through the leather to light surface scratches. Most of this is repairable the determining factor is the number of scratches. Next issue is the cat spray. We cannot do odor removal. We have had some customers tell us the they used the ODO Ban from Sam’s Club and it removed the odor without staining or damaging the leather. You will have to decide for yourself.

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