Aviation Leather Repairs and Cleaning

Aviation Leather repair

Aviation Leather Repairs and Cleaning

Aviation leather interiors can have almost any type of leather. With the high cost of reupholstering and time out of service, it pays to implement a maintenance program to extend the life of your leather interiors. But the big plus is that they just look better. The frequency of maintenance depends largely on the size of the interior and the amount of traffic your aircraft will have. Wear and tear differs widely from aircraft to aircraft. Discolored or damaged leather seating, panels, tables and other aircraft fixtures can be fully restored. Our unique treatment transforms worn or damaged leather to look like new. This We have an innovative process that can clean, condition, and restore leather the leather interiors of you aircraft.

Maintaining your leather investment can save a significant amount of money when you choose to implement a leather cleaning and preventive maintenance program. An Aviation Leather Repairs and Cleaning schedule should incorporating scheduled cleaning and conditioning. During this time corrective procedures can be accomplished such as removing ink marks, stains, abrasions, or scuffs. Our experience and qualified technicians allow us to know potential problem areas, applying additional topcoats to high traffic areas enhances the wear capabilities. Once you are established on a routine program this should be all you need to keep your interior looking like new.

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