Ink Marks

ink stains on leather

Ink stains on leather?

Did your little angel autograph your furniture?

Yes, you are not alone. Did someone you know get ink on leather? There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of parents, grandparents, nannies, and babysitters that were supposed to be watching the little tyke. And just turned their heads for just that split second and then, BAM, ink on the leather furniture. There are a few remedies but generally the ink does not come off.

Remedy #1 – aerosol hairspray

Test the hairspray in an obscure spot first. Then apply to ink mark and wipe off immediately while the hairspray is still wet. The alcohol in the hairspray can sometimes dissolve the ink and remove it. If the ink is synthetic it will come off if real it will not.

Remedy #2- Vodka

I haven’t tried this on leather, but it could work great, if you drink enough of it. Then you don’t care that there is ink on you furniture. 😉 

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