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Is your leather recliner torn? Maybe you noticed a split seam on your favorite leather jacket? Or a stain on your leather seat? Are you just looking to repair your damaged leather in Orland Park? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Technique Leather has been proudly serving Chicagoland customers for over 30 years. We have great experience in all kinds of leather repairs. Our wide range of services includes: 

  • Automotive leather
  • Aviation leather
  • Bi-cast leather
  • Contract leather
  • Finished leather
  • Italian leather
  • Split leather
  • Commercial leather care
  • Buying leather
  • Leather care

We have the expertise and the specialized tools to fix any leather damage: cuts, stains, tears, spills, scratches, split seams or fading color. Technique Leather works with a variety of products from clothes to furniture and cars. Our team of professionals will work with your needs and budget in mind to bring you the best possible results. 

Accidents at home

Accidents happen to all of us. If you have small children and/or pets, then you’re no stranger to various mishaps. You may have also had your leather product damaged during an accident at home. Thankfully Technique Leather can help you with restoring your favorite leather items to their former glory. Stains, cuts, burns, scratches, splits – we have seen and repaired them all! Our skilled craftsmen will first examine the damage (its location and severity) and then come up with the best solution. Most likely it will be at a fraction of the cost of a replacement item! 

Leather Products

Many people love leather products. It’s easy to understand why – it’s an ever-popular, versatile material that’s durable, long-lasting and easy to take care of. Just like other fabrics, though, it is also prone to damages. It’s good to know how to keep your leather items safe by understanding the common causes of leather damage. 

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Causes of Leather Damage

Enjoy your leather products for as long as possible by following simple advice on how to avoid damage. 

  • Sunlight

Although sunlight can be very enjoyable, it is not recommended for leather. Sun can actually cause leather damage by speeding up the fading process and making the leather look worn down or discolored. We recommend keeping leather items away from windows. Cars should be parked in garages to avoid exposure to sunlight.  

  • Temperature changes 

Moderate temperature is the best for keeping your leather products safe. Extreme heat can lead to drying out while extreme cold can cause cracks and tears. To enjoy your leather items for as long as possible, avoid temperature changes. 

  • Stains 

Did you accidentally spill a drink on your leather sofa? Better try to treat it as soon as possible because leather stains easily. How should you go about it? For starters, use a protectant from a high quality leather restoration kit. It is designed specifically for the treatment of leather goods and does not contain harsh chemicals. 

  • Using harsh chemicals 

Speaking of harsh chemicals – they should never be used with leather. Things such as soaps and detergents often contain ingredients that cause leather damage. Discoloration, color fading and stains – that’s what you can expect from using harsh chemicals on your leather products. Be sure to always have a leather cleaning kit handy. 

  • Heat

In addition to sunlight and temperature changes, heat should also be avoided as it can cause leather damage. No matter how enticing the idea may be, a leather couch should not be kept next to a fireplace, a heating vent or a radiator. To protect your leather products, keep them away from heat sources (that includes cars – those should be safely parked in garages). 

How to fix leather

There are many ways of restoring leather. Some of them are more complex than others, depending on the location and severity of the damage. There are a few things every leather owner should know about protecting and fixing leather: 

  • Leather Cleaners 

Leather products should always be cleaned with specialty cleaners. These cleaners are designed to remove oil, dirt and grime and do not contain harsh chemicals. Regular fabric cleaners are not meant for leather cleaning. 

  • Leather Restoration Kits

A high quality leather restoration kit is a must have for any leather owner. The items included in the set can help restore leather and help protect it from damages. 

  • Olive or Baby Oils

Whenever you’re dealing with a small tear or scratch, you can use some baby or olive oil to fix it. Put some oil on a cotton ball and then apply it to the damaged surface and let dry. After an hour or so, check to see the result. Reapply oil as needed. 

All of the treatments described above are easy to remember and should be used to prolong the life of any leather product. Nevertheless, they do not offer a fit-all solution. Whenever you’re dealing with a more significant damage or you’re not sure how to proceed with restoration, call the experts, call Technique Leather. We have the skills, the knowledge and the tools to help you fix the problem. We will get the job done right!

Benefits of hiring professional leather help 

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, your leather items will probably get damaged at some point. If you decide to try and fix the issues yourself, you will find thousands of DIY solutions on the internet that promise wonderful results. However, let us warn you that many of those wondrous ideas simply do not work and may actually cause more harm than good. When debating between going the DIY or expert route, consider the following: 

  1. Cost – Repairing damaged leather items at home may seem like a cheaper option. However, it can get expensive very quickly. How? Let’s say you missed or messed up a step in the DIY directions you found online. Now what? You may be left with a leather object that is more damaged than before. In this scenario your cost might go up significantly. To avoid getting yourself into this pickle, call Technique Leather. We’ll provide you with a quote for the needed services. 
  2. Time – It takes time to repair damaged leather. If you decide to do it yourself, you may consider taking some time to practice your skills before getting started. You may also need to get specialty tools. With your life being busy as it is, can you afford spending time on learning about leather repair? It will be easier and safer if you just call Technique Leather. We’re fast and reliable; we’ll get your products fixed in no time at all!
  3. Results – Leather repairs should always lead to great results. Ask yourself about what kind of results you will get with a DIY project vs with the help of experts. The answer will help you determine the right course of action. Technique Leather will always deliver repairs of the best quality. 

Leather Care and Repair

Taking care of your leather products is a must if you want them to last you a lifetime. Don’t wait for problems to get bigger; address them as soon as you spot them. The sooner the damage is repaired, the better. Technique Leather can help with all kinds of leather issues – from small scratches to large tears, stains and fading. Our team of experienced craftsmen strongly believe in restoring, not replacing, leather. Let us help you fix your leather issues so you can get back to enjoying your favorite leather products!

For more information or with additional questions, reach out to Technique Leather. We will gladly write you back or talk with you on the phone. We’re the best leather repair team in Orland Park!

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