Remove Ink Stains

ink stains on leather

Remove ink stain? From leather?

Remove ink stain? Can you remove an ink mark from leather? That is an excellent question and the answer is, it depends.It actually depends on a number of things. Like what kind of ink is on the leather, it can be synthetic or natural. It can be the ink from a marker, even a washable marker. And it depends on what kind of leather the ink is on. It can be aniline, finished or nubuck. If it is nubuck I do not know of anything that can remove it or restore it.

Here are some remedies

1 – Special ink mark remover pen

Sometimes they work. Generally I have found that they don’t. But hey it was worth the try.

2 – Hairspray

Use only aerosol hairspray (NOT PSSSSSSSSSST or pist as some call it) Apply the hairspray and wipe up immediately, sometimes this works – mostly it doesn’t.


This may work because of the alcohol content but why waste it on the leather furniture. May be if you drink enough you won’t care that there is ink on your leather furniture.

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