Faded or Stained

stained faded leather

Restore stained or faded leather

The problem of stained and faded leather is very common in certain types of leather. Anilines and semi-anilines are especially prone to both. Sunlight fades leather quickly but even indirect light can fade aniline leather. but fear not some application of a light color coat and the fading can be restored.

Anilines are also very prone to staining. Even touching the leather can stain it with the oils from your skin. The old easy chair can often develop stains from oils from head and the hands or even from the popcorn. On the light colors they show up as darken or discolorations

One remedy is prevention.

These types of leather can be stain-guarded to protect against penetration of the oils and liquids into the leather. the only down side it that you can’t tell when it has worn off except that you get a stain.

The second is to restore the stain or fading

The second remedy is to restore the fading and or staining through a light color restoration. Unfortunately leather cannot be cleaned using extraction so repair or restoration is necessary. a light application of a color coat can be applied so that the spot or fading disappears. Spotting in requires some skill as does complete color restoration.

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