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Damaged leather recliner? Split seam on your favorite leather couch? A stain on a beautiful leather ottoman? Don’t fret, Technique Leather can help! We have solutions for all your leather repair needs. With 30 years of experience, we have served thousands of satisfied customers in the Chicagoland area. What services do we offer? 

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  • Leather care

We specialize in fixing damaged leather. Whether it’s cuts, tears, inks, stains, scratches, split seams or fading color, Technique Leather can help! We work with all leather products from furniture to car seats. Our top priority is your satisfaction and achieving the best possible result for a fraction of the cost of a replacement product.

Accidents at home 

Do you have small children and/or pets? If so, then your leather products are at a higher risk of getting damaged. Whenever you have an issue with leather stains, cuts, burns, scratches or splits, Technique Leather has the solution. After examining the problem, we will devise an affordable plan of action. Don’t throw away your damaged leather, let us fix it for you!

Leather Products

For many people leather equals sophistication. It’s a very versatile material that never loses on popularity. Leather furniture can help you achieve an elegant, modern or traditional look. In addition it’s long-lasting, durable and relatively easy to take care of. Although it comes with so many advantages, it is not indestructible. Damages to leather can happen accidentally or over time. That is why it’s a good idea to be careful with and protect your leather products.

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Causes of Leather Damage

Leather will serve you well for years if only you take good care of it. Take note of these 5 common causes of leather damage.  

  • Sunlight

No material should be kept in direct sunlight, and that means leather too. Sun speeds up the fading process, making your leather look worn down. It’s better to move leather products away from the windows, or park cars with leather seats in garages and shaded spots. 

  • Temperature changes 

Extreme temperature changes can have a negative effect on your leather as well. Try to keep the leather at a moderate temperature. Anywhere too hot or too cold can damage the material. Cars with leather seats should be parked in garages or shaded spots. 

  • Stains 

It only takes a few seconds to stain leather. And if the stain is not taken care of right away, it may become permanent, damaging it. A special protectant from a high quality leather restoration kit and with no harsh chemical can be used to remove stains. 

  • Using harsh chemicals 

Soaps and detergents, as well as other cleaners with harsh chemicals, damage your leather instead of cleaning it. If treated with chemicals, leather looks dry and dull. Make sure that you always have the special leather stain remover on hand. 

  • Heat

Too much heat can damage your leather product. Check to see if it’s nowhere close to a heating vent. In case it is, move it further away. Vehicles with leather seats should not be left in hot places, but rather garages or shaded areas. 

Simple ways of fixing leather

Once your leather is damaged, it’s important to restore it. If the problem is small, you may want to try handling it yourself. We offer some suggestions on how to do that: 

  • Leather Cleaners 

As we mentioned before, leather cleaners are made specifically to treat leather products, so they cannot contain any harsh chemicals. You can use them to remove oil, dirt, stains or grime. 

  • Leather Restoration Kits

High quality leather restoration kits can help you restore your leather products by moisturizing them and preventing further damage. 

  • Olive or Baby Oils

Tears and scratches can be treated with olive or baby oil. You can apply an oiled cotton ball to the damaged area and let it dry for an hour. Once it’s dry, check to see if the oil should be reapplied. 

While all treatments described above work on small leather damages, they do not fix everything. In case your damage is significant and/or severe, you need to call in the experts – Technique Leather. Also, if you’re simply afraid to attempt fixing your leather item, contact our team of professionals right away. Better to be safe with us than sorry for ruining your favorite leather item later. 

Advantages of hiring professional leather help 

Leather damage is unavoidable. While there are many DIY solutions you can find on the web, it’s worth remembering that they do not always work. If you’re asking yourself why it’s better to hire pros than proceed with fixing the leather on your own, here are just a few reasons: 

  1. Cost – Fixing leather damages on your own may seem like a cheaper option. But DIY leather repairs can turn very costly in minutes. If the procedure doesn’t go as planned, it may end up causing further damage. Then repairs will cost you twice as much as they would have in the beginning. Save yourself some money and call Technique Leather whenever you notice leather damage. 
  2. Time – When leather damage is extensive or severe, it may take some time to fix. With our busy lives it’s hard to find time during the week to deal with complex repairs. It’s easier to hire Technique Leather. We are fast, reliable and knowledgeable. Give us a call and see for yourself!
  3. Results – When dealing with leather damage, you want to make sure that your product is well taken care of and properly fixed. DIY repairs may not yield the results you were hoping for, especially if you have to use specialized tools or learn new skills. But we guarantee that Technique Leather will deliver repairs of the highest quality. We are always a safer and better option than DIY tutorials. 

Leather Care and Repair

In order for leather products (at home, work or in your car) to last you a lifetime, they need to be looked after and fixed whenever necessary. Damages can happen at any time, therefore it’s important to remedy them as soon as possible. Tears, stains, cuts, fading – all leather owners deal with these issues. Technique Leather can help you take care of them. We will do our very best to fix them in a timely fashion. We strongly believe in restoring leather items, not throwing them away. 

For more information or with further questions, reach out to our friendly team of experts. Technique Leather is there for you. 

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