cuts and tears on leather furniture

Got scratches and scuffs? We fix ’em!

The repair range in scuffs and scratches is large. They can range in size from a pinhead to the length of a large sofa. Sometimes, if you have a wax pullup leather you can just rub the damage out using some conditioner on a soft rag and hair dryer. Just warm the leather as you rub and the marks will disappear.

Scratches and scuffs can, according to some furniture salespeople, enhance the patina if a piece. We think that usually it just looks damaged and worn. Most often these types of repairs come out really well. But it depends on how deep into the leather they go and if there is much grain texture. The smoother the leather the better repair.With some of the alligator look leathers repairs can be a little dicey.

Cat claw marks are generally repairable but we’ll discuss them on the pet damage page.

With some pure aniline leathers these types of marks are part and parcel of the nature of the leather. Repairing it is possible but it can change the luxurious feel. But everyone has a different idea of what their leather should look like.

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