Split Leather

split leather

Split Leather

Split leather or Bi-cast leather is a relative new comer to the leather market. Most people assume that because these terms contain the word leather that it must be good. But in reality is is a very substandard product. Actually it is a product that definitely has manufactured component to it. It can be one of two types of processes. One process being, using a split skin and gluing a sheet of polyurethane color to it. The other using reconstituted leather particles and adding a layer of rubber and then a again gluing a sheet of urethane color to it.

In the UK and New Zealand you cannot call this leather!!!!!

This kind of makes you wonder about it.

Both products are called spit leather and bicast. My experience has been, in general, not good at all with respect to durability and longevity. Except that it does repair fairly well. Now mind you I only get called when there is a problem. I had one customer that bought a large sectional sofa covered in bi-cast. He purchased it at a major department store clearance center. They had a no return policy. After one week of 3 kids and a dog, the seat cushions were splitting. And I mean big splits. He called me in to repair the problem. I did the repairs but told him he would probable see more in the near future.

Most of the leather furniture that you find at major discount chains will be bi-cast. IF you don’t mind buying throw away furniture, buy it. Your best bet is to stay with top grain

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